Growth Groups


by Brennan Manning

the radical message of the unconditional, immeasurable,

life-changing love of God


Want to find out what his mega-church was missing?
Want to find out what Mercer UMC might be missing?
Want to develop deep relationships with a few people from church?
Want to know Jesus better?
Want a faith in Jesus Christ that’s not for Sunday morning only?

Donation of $10, Checks to Mercer UMC

Place pew envelopes in offering plate,

note Growth Group on the envelope

Growth groups meet weekly, sharing thoughts and feelings about the reading, but even more walk through life together!

  • Monday, 5:30 PM at Mercer UMC, led by Denise Orr, During kid’s program Marvelous Mondays
  • Wednesday, 6:30 PM at Mercer UMC, Young Adults, Child Care provided at the church
  • Thursday, 1 PM at Mercer UMC, led by Bob Falla
  • Thursday, 6:00 PM at Larry and Sandra Rodger’s home, Mercer
  • Thursday, 6:30 PM at Dick and Linda Carlson’s home in Hermitage.

Please contact the leader(s) of the groups for more details, and if  needed contact Mercer UMC (724-662-3320) for contact information.   Contact the church office or sign up outside of the church office for a  copy.